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  • Interview
    By Rowan Ricardo Phillips

    A conversation with Adrian Matejka, Poetry’s new editor.

    A headshot of Adrian Matejka looking into the camera, wearing a dark blazer, a sweater, and a necklace.
  • Interview
    By Kevin O'Rourke

    Garrett Caples wrestles with “the impervious world” in his latest collection, Lovers of Today.

    Graffiti-style font of the word lovers against a white backdrop.
  • Interview
    By Saeed Jones

    A conversation with Patricia Smith, winner of the 2021 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

    Headshot of Patricia Smith looking into the camera.
  • Interview
    By Lily Meyer

    Adrian Matejka on his new book, Somebody Else Sold the World.

    Portrait of Adrian Matejka standing outside.
  • Interview
    By Johannes Göransson

    The Swedish poet on his travels in the American counterculture.

    Black-and-white portrait of poet Bruno K. Öijer leaning against a vintage car in a redwood forest.
  • Interview
    By Kathleen Rooney

    Zoë Hitzig’s debut, Mezzanine, explores a late-capitalist purgatory. 

    Portrait of Zoe Hitzig.
  • Interview
    By Sally Wen Mao

    A conversation with Marilyn Chin, winner of the 2020 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

    Portrait of Marilyn Chin.
  • Interview
    By Phil Christman

    Mark Nowak on his "people's history of the poetry workshop."

    Black-and-white portrait of Mark Nowak.
  • Interview
    By Rachel Rabbit White

    Arielle Greenberg left the city—and opened her marriage. 

    Portrait of Arielle Greenberg sitting outside.
  • Interview
    By Lily Meyer

    Hannah Sullivan on failure, form, and paying attention to the ordinary.

    Portrait of Hannah Sullivan.
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