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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Children's Poems

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine my grandfather and home

      By Mosab Abu Toha

      my grandfather used to count the days for return with his fingers
      he then used stones to count
      not enough
      he used the clouds birds people

      absence turned out to be too long
      thirty six years until he died
      for us now it is over seventy...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Summer

      By Chen Chen
      You are the ice cream sandwich connoisseur of your generation.

      Blessed are your floral shorteralls, your deeply pink fanny pack with travel-size lint roller just in case.

      Level of splendiferous in your outfit: 200.

      Types of invisible pain stemming from adolescent disasters in...

    • poem
      By Eileen Spinelli
      Fifty-nine days to go.

      I can't find my purple beach towel.
      I can't even get to my closet
      without walking across
      a sea of dirty socks.

      Mom pokes her head into my doorway,
      “Time to clean your room, Sophie.”
      And I have to admit
      she's right.

      And it's not...

Learning Activities

  • Learning Prompt
    By Stefania Gomez April 13, 2020

    For this activity, you will need a friend or an adult, some paper and a pencil. Out loud, with help if you...

  • Video
    From Poetry Explorers

    Today we’ll learn how to make a kaleidoscope and think about how a kaleidoscope might be like a poem.

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